Interactive audio-visual Jellyfish

sound art


Music project with Arduino - MP3Shield - Water - Seaweed - live triggered original sounds and tracks -

based on jellyfish and envrionmental change


Explores how water reacts to touch and how technology can be used to translate touch into sound. Engages audiences with questions around the jellyfish, an animal with no bones but mainly water - populating our oceans, increasing in numbers. Some jellyfish never die. Not all jellyfish sting. The jellyfish could be an important resource in the future: it can be used to make solar cells, it is eatable and scientists don't agree about the potential of the use of jellyfish as memory increasing.

The interactive jellyfish installation encourages audiences to touch the animal which is often associated with fear, unpleasant experiences and "sting" and explore unexprected, triggered live sounds.






















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