Sound art exploring natural and artificial environments

Composing for performances & theater




I like to work with an interdisciplinary approach and experiment with sounds. Classically trained on the clarinet over time the guitar and voice became more important to express the stories I like to tell with my music. I am interested in our environment and how we get affected by it. That's why I have travelled extensively - usually lived in one place for about a year. The interactive audio-visual jellyfish installation is a sound art project, where I turned the touch of water into an instrument. I play guitar, use voice, synth and other instruments to express my stories. I collaborate with Sean Byrne in our new band: deasilandwithershins - where we play atmospheric post-dinner folk.

sound oriented projects


currently deasil and withershins - atmospheirc post-dinner folk


2016 Interactive audio-visual jellyfish installation


2016 Marsolew: Avocado Dreams - collaboration with Marty Watt and Lewis McFadden - 7 music recordings


2013- ongoing live performances as singer-songwriter in different small venues in Ireland, Switzerland, Greece, Italy and

Scotland - Sonja Roth







previously / academic work and others





2017 Project leader for a youth room in a Swiss Mountainvillage / and Snowbordteacher, Switzerland


2015/2016 Master in Creative Practice / Popular Music Studies at University of Glasgow, Scotland


2016 Master dissertation: An exploration of water in sound art


2016 Fair Play Venues in Scotland - a report for the Musician's Union UK


2016 Barwork in Scotland


2014 - 2015 Permaculture projects in Greece and Italy


2012-2013 "A journey to the present moment" - Artwork / prink-making in Donegal, Ireland


2007 - 2012 Community development / social work / youth work in various institutions and settings in Switzerland


2005 - 2010 co-founder of theater group ellen reksom - theaterproductions in Switzerland