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Sound art exploring natural and artificial environments

Composing & live Performances

artist statement

I like to work with an interdisciplinary approach and experiment with sounds using field recordings, editing software and musical instruments. I am interested in our environment and technology and how we get affected by it. Travelling and living in different countries and circumstances has strongly influenced my perspective. Water, underwatersounds, migration and freedom are reoccuring subjects in my work.

I play with water, environmental sounds, guitar, use voice, synth and other instruments to create atmospheric experimental music. Humans and non-humans, their co- existence as well as the body-mind cooperation and  languages are an important foucs in my work.

sound projects (selection)

currently              "distance" (working title) / sound exploration  

currently             "Frequency Response"  collaboration with Heid & Griess

2018                     composing soundscape for theater company D°eFFeKt in Brussels performing "Crave" by Sarah Kane 

2017                     artist in residency Pinea Linea de Costa, Cadiz, Spain,  soundscape project "The Hidden Sound of Tartessos"

2017                     artist in residency OBRAS, Portugal - live mixed soundscape "We are all Immigrants"

2017- ongoing    Deasil and Withershins - atmospheric post-dinner folk - concerts & recordings with Another Son Leaving (IRE)

2016                     Interactive audio-visual jellyfish installation, Glasgow

2016                     Marsolew: Avocado Dreams - collaboration with Marty Watt and Lewis McFadden, Glasgow

2016                     Before Sonoluminescence, 4 track EP, Sonja Roth, Glasgow

2013- ongoing   live performances in different venues in Ireland, Switzerland, Greece, Italy and Scotland           







other projects (selection)


2018/2019           theater project "Winterkrieg im Galgenfeld" with VOR ORT Theater company, Bern


2018 - ongoing   HitProducer - mobile recording studio - project development, Basel Switzerland


2018                      "Widerhall an der Grenze" Live Audio Walk by theater institution Recycled Illusions


2016                      Fair Play Venues in Scotland - a report for the Musician's Union UK                   


2014 - 2015          Permaculture projects in Greece and Italy


2012-2013            "A journey to the present moment" - Artwork / print-making / songwriting in Donegal, Ireland


2007 - 2012,         Community development & youth work projects in various institutions and settings in Switzerland



2005 - 2010          co-founder of theater group ellen reksom - theaterproductions in Switzerland





2015/ 2016            Master in Creative Practice / Popular Music Studies - University of Glasgow, Scotland

                                 Dissertation: An exploration of water in sound art


2006-2010            Bachelor in Community Development - University for Applied Science Lucerne, Switzerland




other others:

Snowboard Teacher, PieMaker, DIY ELEctronics, Permacultur - Mindfullness Activist

existing timeless