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Sound artist and musician Sonja Roth explores natural and artificial environments: water is a reoccuring subject. She creates subtle melodies with her voice, guitar, electronic elements and clarinet. Deasil and Withershins is her band with Another Son Leaving - as the name says: clockwise and counterclockwise - follow the direction of the sun and against the direction of the sun -


The stories she tells refer to real and unreal experiences inspired by the strange world we live in. Some of her work is singer-songwriter based and she draws from her background in community development and print-making. Her interest in technology is more and more present in her sound work and she works with arduino and live editing softwars and with the project jellyfish has build a new instrument.

She moves towards a more abstract sound art where she uses natural and artificial sounds and field recordings and combines them intuitively, creating a space: sometimes light and colourful, sometimes with dust and layers.


Currently she works on "Hidden Sound of Tartessos" / "El Sonido Oculto de Tartessos" in her artist in residency Pinea Linea de Costa, Spain.



contact: info@sonjaroth.ch


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